August 25, 2010

NEW RELEASE: Ned Oldham 7"

Extremely excited to announce the next release on Gold Robot Records, a solo 7" by Ned Oldham titled Let's Go Out Tonight. This 3-song EP will be a limited pressing (500) on translucent blue colored vinyl. Artwork is provided by the super talented Kevin Earl Taylor. Pre-order a copy now and receive the MP3s instantly. Here's the lead track off the album.

::: Ned Oldham - The One Light


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August 23, 2010

VIDEO: Takitani Edit (Superhumanoids Remix)

Wow. Check out this video created under a Creative Commons license for the Meanest Man Contest track "Takitani Edit (Superhumanoids Remix)". I'm impressed. Filmed by Joi Ito with 8mm film shot in Japan in 2009 using a Fujica P2 using Fujichrome R25N and RT200N. Synched to music using Final Cut Express Music.

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August 12, 2010

Roman Ruins Remix Beach House, Release New 7"

Recently, the always-on Roman Ruins did a remix of Beach House's "Lover of Mine". It's a brilliant little pop rendition for a band he knows a little something about (seeing he sits in on drums for them on various tours). Thanks to the fine folks at Stereogum, Gorilla vs Bear, MyPoproks, HypeTrak, Indiehearts, and other spots or spreading the word.

::: Beach House - Lover of Mine (Roman Ruins Remix)

And, if you haven't got your hands on the limited edition Roman Ruins 7" (pictured above) then I suggest you do so before they're all spoken for. PASTOR/AL contains two tracks, one of which you can sample here.

::: Roman Ruins - The Comedown


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August 3, 2010

Superhumanoids remix MMC

There's an awesome new Meanest Man Contest remix by the brilliant Superhumanoids making the rounds (LAWeekly, FMLY) today. Check it out:

::: Meanest Man Contest - Takitani Edit (Superhumanoids Remix)

You might remember the original track off of the limited edition 7" called Designed Entropy I, which also contains original tracks by Roman Ruins, Copy, and Bomarr. More info and ordering can be found here.

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