December 18, 2009


Hope this finds everyone out there doing well, here's some odds and ends from the GRR universe which you may or may not find interesting!

+ The video above comes courtesy of the excellent label Martyrs of Pop out of France. It's an interesting interview with the talented artist/founder Jean-Emmanuel. Note: There's a high probability of an upcoming release having some European involvement. Stay tuned.

+ Railcars is staying busy. Not only has the Kate Bush Cover Cassette morphed into a full fledged Kickstarter project, but Aria has posted a cover of The Cranberries on his myspace. It's pretty darn awesome.

+ One of our favorite blogs out there is 7inches, which focuses on (what else) 7" records. They're in the process of reviewing a number of Gold Robot Records releases - so far they've provided insightful analysis of both the Designed Entropy compilation and The Parish's Storm Driven Bird EP. Keep an eye out for more to come.

+ Bomarr, of Restiform Bodies and Designed Entropy fame, has released a radical holiday themed mix called Wild Xmas Vol 4, which you should totally download for free.

+ Björn Kleinhenz has posted a photo diary of his fall tour, looks like it was a great time. Check it out, and order his new 12" B.U.R.M.A., it's so fantastic. Here's a track from the album, a cover of "World's Apart" by ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead.

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December 9, 2009

Railcars European Tour

Just finished up packaging and sending off a set of 40 hand painted and numbered promo CD's for the upcoming Railcars European tour (presented by & The dates, listed below in radical non-American style, are shaping up nicely. Check out the excellent uts,m! artist booking website for the most up-to-date details.

14.01.10 Berlin (DE), Magnet Club
15.01.10 Wroclaw (PL), CRK
16.01.10 Cracow (PL), Kawiarnia Naukowa
17.01.10 Prague (CZ), Strahov 007
18.01.10 Budapest (HU), Zappa Cafe NEW VENUE!!
19.01.10 Vienna (AT), Rhiz
20.01.10 Maribor (SI), Dvorana Gustaf (Pekarna)
21.01.10 Koper (SI), MKSC
26.01.10 Fribourg (CH), Fri-Son NEW!!
27.01.10 Dijon (FR), Deep Inside
28.01.10 Metz (FR), Emile Vache
29.01.10 Paris (FR), Mo‘Fo Festival
30.01.10 London (UK), tba
31.01.10 Bristol (UK), Start The Bus
01.02.10 Glasgow (UK), 13th Note
02.02.10 York (UK), The Basement
03.02.10 Dublin (IR), Whelans
04.02.10 London (UK), tba
05.02.10 Utrecht (NL), dB..s
06.02.10 Amsterdam (NL), Subbacultcha @ Nieuwe Anita
07.02.10 Eindhoven (NL), TAC
08.02.10 Karlsruhe (DE), Kohi
09.02.10 Freiburg (DE), KTS
10.02.10 München (DE), Kafe Kult
11.02.10 Strasbourg (FR), Simultania NEW!!
12.02.10 Frankfurt (DE), Ivi
13.02.10 Nürnberg (DE), K4
15.02.10 Hamburg (DE), Hafenklang
16.02.10 Copenhagen (DK), Lades
18.02.10 Aalborg (DK), 1000Fryd NEW!!
19.02.10 Gothenburg (SE), tba NEW!!
20.02.10 Malmö (SE), Debaser

We're nearing the end of our copies for the ever-popular Cities vs Submarines release you should pick one up if you're interested in super catchy decontructo noise pop. And, to satisfy your cravings for experimental noise balladry, check out the new Cathedral With No Eyes!

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December 4, 2009

Revisiting Designed Entropy I Comp.

Seeing as it's Friday and all, how about some free vinyl? This time around we're giving away a copy of GRR's first compilation 7", the first entry in our Designed Entropy series; it includes brand new original tracks by Meanest Man Contest, Copy, Bomarr, and Roman Ruins.

First person to email goldrobotrecords (at) gmail (dot) com will receive this gorgeous piece of wax filled with sweet tunes for absoutlely zero dollars. Be sure to include "Hey I Want That Orange Vinyl" in the subject line and your mailing address in the email. Generous, indeed!

Here's a track to wet your whistle.

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December 1, 2009

railcars makes kate bush cassette

I love these kind of projects. The always-working Aria from Railcars is selling an extra limited (only 10 available) cover of Kate Bush's album Hounds of Love. Details:

"hello. i have for sale ten cassettes. each is hand-painted, numbered, and dubbed. when you play the cassette you will hear railcars cover the entire 1985 album Hounds of Love by Kate Bush from beginning to end. also if you purchase one, on the upcoming european tour i will mail you a postcard from every city that we play in. that's like, 30 or 40 cities. you can't get these separately, the cassette + postcards is one package, and there are only ten made. also there are no mp3 versions, sorry. each cassette is $47." - Aria Jalali

Head on over to Aria's website for ordering information and to check if there's still any available. (Hint: looks like thefmly is running a co-promotion for this little release as well!)

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