December 18, 2009


Hope this finds everyone out there doing well, here's some odds and ends from the GRR universe which you may or may not find interesting!

+ The video above comes courtesy of the excellent label Martyrs of Pop out of France. It's an interesting interview with the talented artist/founder Jean-Emmanuel. Note: There's a high probability of an upcoming release having some European involvement. Stay tuned.

+ Railcars is staying busy. Not only has the Kate Bush Cover Cassette morphed into a full fledged Kickstarter project, but Aria has posted a cover of The Cranberries on his myspace. It's pretty darn awesome.

+ One of our favorite blogs out there is 7inches, which focuses on (what else) 7" records. They're in the process of reviewing a number of Gold Robot Records releases - so far they've provided insightful analysis of both the Designed Entropy compilation and The Parish's Storm Driven Bird EP. Keep an eye out for more to come.

+ Bomarr, of Restiform Bodies and Designed Entropy fame, has released a radical holiday themed mix called Wild Xmas Vol 4, which you should totally download for free.

+ Björn Kleinhenz has posted a photo diary of his fall tour, looks like it was a great time. Check it out, and order his new 12" B.U.R.M.A., it's so fantastic. Here's a track from the album, a cover of "World's Apart" by ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead.

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