March 18, 2010

Seamonster Reviews

Early reviews for the new Seamonster 7" titled Two Birds are rolling in, really excited that folks are digging it. We're super happy with it as well! Here's some highlights:

There’s no question about it, Two Birds is by far the best single I’ve acquired in quite some time. - FensePost

Our good friends at Gold Robot Records have a new piece of vinyl out and (surprise, surprise) it’s fucking great. These Virginians play some wonderful all-American folk-pop. From warm, fuzzy psychedelics to gleeful Appalachian party-stompers, this record runs the gamut of poppy greatness. Plus, the Gold Robot crew really knows how to pack value into their releases: White vinyl, a small edition of 600, five songs, and a download code for a mere $5. This is one of the best 7″s I’ve gotten in quite awhile. - OMG Vinyl

A flurry of fuzzy electric sounds and churning daydream folk-pop, ‘Oh Appalachia’ is more than content to slip comfortably in-between your sleepy workdays. As Robert Schneider from Apples In Stereo puts it, Two Birds is a record for “day dreamers and sleep walkers alike”. - Life Is Rubbish

Pick a copy up for yourself and get the MP3s instantly!

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