May 20, 2010

Welcome newageynofriends!

What's the you say? Another digital release? Indeed it is! Gold Robot Records is happy to bring you the digital release of newageynofriend's Yeah LP. Composed of 13 short-but-sweet tracks, you're to enjoy his rap/croon style. Download the whole thing instantly for only $5.

Yeah is the second official album from film-obsessive, croon rap modernist newageynofriends. This digital release of 2008's "Yeah" is newly remixed and remastered featuring two never released bonus songs including a collaboration with Candlewax Records Mad Squirrel and DJ Blake 9.

Here's some free MP3's to get you started:
::: newageynofriends - Video Flesh
::: newageynofriends - Malibu Beauty

You can also pick up his Bird's Breath LP for free over at his website.

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